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If you think you’ve got ants in your home or business and you need pest control in North London – specifically Haringey, Enfield, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill

Ants In Your Pantry?

Got tiny little invaders wreaking havoc in your pantry and other areas of your home or business? You need to control ants as soon as possible if you spot them.

Ants are persistent explorers and can infiltrate your home or business easily, seeking food and water. And if you have an ant infestation you will need to deal with it before the word spreads to other ants.

These picnic pilgrims are always on the quest for crumbs and sweet treats and can become quite a nuisance.

Ant infestations easily become more than a nuisance and we understand that having an ant infestations can lead to stress and anxiety for homeowners or put your business’ reputation at risk.

We are here to help as your local ant infestation exterminators.

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Pharaoh Ants

About Ants

Did you know that adult ants can’t eat solid food? 

Ants have extremely narrow waist parts (called petioles), that make it impossible for solid food to travel through their digestive systems. Many species of ants simply cannot physically swallow solid food, and digest it.

How do they consume food?

First, they take solid food to their larvae. The larvae in an ant colony will often apply an enzyme that breaks the solid down into a liquid.


Why Control Ants?

There are a few issues to consider if you discover an infestation:

Sparta’s Approach to Treating Ants

Treatments – Targeted to specific ant species so we can treat the problem safely.

Black ants – We use a baiting strategy, which involves the use and careful application of a professional gel based insecticide.  This is usually applied to areas where ants are most active.

Pharaoh ants –  Pharaoh’s are more complex to treat.  When they sense danger, they will split their colony off into smaller groups. Since there are typically multiple queens in each nest, this behaviour won’t have any long-term impact on their chances of survival. Instead, they can stay hidden until the danger has passed, before regrouping with the rest of the colony. Pharaoh ants can often split into ‘satellite colonies’ and spread into neighbouring properties.

Control of Pharaoh ants requires a special formulation since failure to control all the queens and workers can result in the colony’s survival. Rather than attempting to exclusively poison Pharaoh ants we will often start the baiting strategy with an application of professional insecticide gel and then the introduction of a granular bait insecticide. This prevents the ant larvae from maturing into adults. This also sterilises the queens to stop them laying eggs, causing disorders in the development of the ant larvae. In this manner, the ant population will gradually drop off of its own accord. 

Without a professional treatment plan using the right products, DIY sprays will always make the pest problem worse and give you a false sense of security that the problem may have been initially resolved.

What Sparta Pest Control Offer

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