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If you think you’ve got cockroaches in your home or business and you need pest control in North London – specifically Haringey, Enfield, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill

Your Cockroach Pest Treatment Solution is Here, Let Us Send Them Packing!

Do you have cockroaches creeping around in your home or business? You are not alone, as cockroaches get by on very little and they can enter your home and business easily. But fear not, your cockroach treatment solution is here.

The presence of cockroaches in premises can lead to Environmental Health Officers issuing enforcement notices to business owners.  This usually comes at a significant expense and repeat offenders are in danger of facing legal action.  Which is something you don’t want to happen to you!

Did you know cockroaches can survive for at least a week without their heads! They don’t need their mouths to breathe: instead, they use spiracles (tiny holes) in their body to inhale and transport oxygen. These mini monsters are also incredibly fast! They can cover 1.5 metres per second.

At Sparta Pest Control, we can put an end to these creepy cockroaches causing havoc in your home or business and provide you with the best cockroach pest treatment.


About Cockroaches

Cockroach faeces can cause respiratory allergies such as sneezing and exacerbate asthma symptoms, and can also transmit E Coli.

Cockroaches can contaminate by picking up bacteria from drains or waste areas and transferring this from their body to utensils, food and sterile goods.

Cockroaches are sensitive to vibrations because of their sensory organs and sensory hairs on their legs. By the time you start moving in on a cockroach, it will likely already have taken off to escape.

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Cockroach Types

There are many species of cockroach.  However, species such as the Oriental and German cockroaches have colonised urban areas and are therefore considered serious pests in North London.  All cockroaches are nocturnal and require access to water.

  • Oriental cockroaches are shiny black, brown or mahogany and measure around 20 to 24mm long. They prefer cooler conditions and can be found in basements, boiler rooms and redundant drains. They often appear in large, institutional and older premises such as swimming pools, hotels and pubs.
  • German cockroaches are light yellowy/brown and are 10 to 15mm long, with two distinguishable dark stripes on their thorax.They prefer warm and humid environments and are typically found in flats, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, bakeries and other food manufacturing sites.

The Dangers: Why We Control Cockroaches


The Tell-Tale Signs Cockroaches Are About

Although the obvious sign of a cockroach infestation is spotting a live one, cockroaches are nocturnal, so it’s unlikely you’ll see them during the day. Instead, you’ll need to check for signs of their presence.

These can include:

What Do Cockroaches Eat?

Cockroaches are not fussy eaters, they are omnivores which means they will feed on almost anything, including refuse, faecal matter and even other cockroaches.

This cannibalistic tendency is thought to be a way of regulating population size by the cockroaches themselves. If other food is scarce and cockroach numbers high, then these insects will eat each other.

They do require access to water and will be generally found in inaccessible harbourages (nooks and crannies, to use their technical term), close to water and food.

Cockroaches can survive for several months without food, but will not live for more than a few days without water.

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Our Promise to You

We understand that every pest situation is unique. With the latest in Cockroach Pest Treatment technology at our fingertips, we're ready to tackle any challenge, big or small.
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Here Are a Few Prevention Tips for Securing Your Property:

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