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If you think that you have a squirrel problem in your home or business and you need squirrel pest control in North London – specifically Haringey, Enfield, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill

Is the Squirrel in Your Loft Driving You Nuts?

It is hard to think of the grey squirrel as a pest as they have all the characteristics that people tend to love.

They are furry, small, whiskered and bushy-tailed, and while they appear cute at first glance, they also carry the less flattering nickname of “tree rats” and this is due to their ecological impact, being a carrier of squirrel pox, harm to native wildlife and people’s home and properties.

If you hear scattering in your loft and are worried that it might be a squirrel, fear not, we are here for all your squirrel pest control needs.


About Squirrels

Grey squirrels are considered non native invasive species in the UK and have negatively impacted on the red squirrel population.

Squirrel pest control is targeted at the grey squirrel only. The grey squirrel was deliberately introduced from North America in the late 19 century as an exotic addition to country estates.

The grey squirrels outcompete their native relatives, the red squirrel for resources and in the UK the grey squirrel now outnumbers reds by around 17 to 1.

Grey squirrels are invasive and have adapted well to urban environments, while red squirrels prefer coniferous forests and are native to the UK. Here in Britain and Europe, the grey squirrel is classed as an Invasive Alien Species (IAS) which is any animal that is not native to the UK.

Squirrel Damage in Your Home, Business and To Your Health

Grey squirrels can cause damage when they enter roof spaces of houses and buildings. For example, they can:
  • Gnaw on woodwork and ceilings
  • Strip insulation from electrical wires
  • Tear up fibreglass insulation
  • Contaminate cold water tanks and attic space with urine and droppings.
People also report sleep issues due to the loud noises they make at night while they’re scuttling around your attic. Squirrels are most active before sunrise, especially in winter. Their peak activity is four-five hours before daybreak.

Grey squirrels often associate humans with food, meaning they sometimes approach people. Some people fear being attacked, however it’s very rare for a squirrel to actually attack! In gardens and allotments, they can take fruit, raid nests of small birds and dig holes in lawns to bury food.

Seven Signs of Squirrels in Your Home

What Sparta Pest Control Offer

Grey squirrels are considered vermin and are therefore not allowed to be released elsewhere. It is also considered to be cruel to relocate them as they will be attacked by territorial squirrels living in that area.

Our technicians use responsible trapping as part of our squirrel pest control service.

At times we may use motion sensor cameras to confirm the presence of a squirrel before commencing treatment.

Reasons Why We Control Grey Squirrels

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